Meet the GST Team

As self-proclaimed geeks, our aim is to change the stigma around adult toys by re-imagining them in a fun and nerdy way. Combining pop culture with sex toys, we are creating a remarkably entertaining and pleasurable experience. We believe adult toys should be fun, entertaining, visually and physically pleasing! We want you to be proud of your sex toys and display them for all to see!

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Founder - CEO - Toymaker


Founder - Chief Toy Designer

Geeky Sex Toys was founded by Emma and Josh in May 2016. We are based in Queensland, Australia. Our toys are shipped worldwide for everyone to enjoy!  Follow us today to stay up to date with all our geeky fun, chances to win free products, exclusive coupons, new product drops and super exciting announcements! 

Hand-Crafted - For you!

Each toy is carefully mixed, pigmented and poured by hand! This ensures our toy makers can produce the highest quality product possible.

By People - Like you!

We're a close knit team of naughty nerds. Just like you we have colorful kinky desires and we wear our geek titles with pride.

Purely to - Satisfy YOU!

Our toys are meticulously designed so not only do they look awesome, they FEEL awesome! The upmost attention to detail ensures every aspect of our toys will provide you endless pleasure.



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Come and join our community of naughty nerds over on Instagram 🙂