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Vibe Saber

Pre Order - SOLD OUT

One Toy Multiple Colors Unlimited Pleasure



Estimated – mid October 2023



A brief time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Vibe Sabers SOLD OUT! Congrats to everyone who secured a Special Edition Pre Order. A big heartfelt thank you from the GST team!

Estimated pre order ship date early November 2023

Pre Order

Vibe Saber LED Vibrator

$249 USD

Hurry! Only 447 Special Editions left!

It’s time to complete your training. Illuminate your sex life with our incredible Vibe Saber! Feel the force flow through you and give in to your geek side. 

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The ultimate vibrator

Grasp the power of targeted pleasure with the Vibe Saber's new ingeniously designed silicone hilt. With 10 unique vibration patterns to choose from, your hero's journey is tailored by your own desires. Whether you crave a gentle purr or a rhythmic pulse, the Vibe Saber's silicone hilt offers a symphony of sensations.

Multiple Colors

With the touch of a button, you can cycle through 6 mesmerizing hues, each one breathing new life into your intimate moments. From the naughty red of a dark lord to the calming blue of a hero, every color tells a unique story. Inbuilt memory stores your previous selection so you can jump back in where you left off.


Charging the Vibe Saber is a breeze with its magnetic connector, and with the Special Pre-Sale Edition, you'll receive a limited edition 3d printed charging stand. Simply align, attach, and let the sleek stand showcase your Vibe Saber as it powers up for the next adventure.


Adventure without limits with the Vibe Saber's IPX6 water resistance. Whether it's a steamy shower or a playful splash, the Vibe Saber is designed to accompany you

Every aspect of the Vibe Saber is crafted with precision, reflecting a commitment to flawless design. Its dimensions have been meticulously fine-tuned to find the perfect balance between comfort and pleasure. The ergonomic silicone hilt fits effortlessly in hand, while the illuminated silicone shaft offers an ideal blend of length and girth.


When can I pre-order?

August 23rd 6pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Our pre-sale drops can get pretty hectic! Make sure you’re on time so you don’t miss out.

Will it sell out?

Probably!? Our Moon Wand preorder sold out within 24 hours! The Vibe Saber pre order is a special edition so we expect these to be in high demand.

When will the pre order ship?

Early October. We produce all our toys in small batches. The first of the special editions are currently in production now so our aim is early October but could be a few weeks either side. Patience young padawan…

Is this the same as the old Laser Sword?

Not even close! We’ve also done more than improve; we’ve transcended. Years of dedication, perfecting this design, refining all our previous iterations of the Laser Sword, have led us to the Vibe Saber. 

Is it Silicone?

YES! Both ends of the Vibe Saber are premium body safe silicone. 

Will the Vibe Saber be restocked?

No! and Yes. The special edition version will NOT be restocked. This is the version that comes with bonus pink color option and the 3d printed charging stand. The regular Vibe Saber will be available in November for $249. 


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