Unicorn Horn Dildo

Hey Naughty Nerds!

Today is the release of our new product, the Unicorn Horn Dildo!!

This super cute toy is hand made by us at Geeky Sex Toys. It is made using 100% medical grade silicone, which means it’s totally body safe!

We were inspired to make this toy as a number of people sent suggestions requesting a unicorn horn shaped dildo. Upon doing our research (trusty google) we found that only a very small handful of companies were selling such a design, typically with a rainbow coloured pattern or solid boring colours. So we decided to be a little different and create a more mystical and magical looking unicorn horn dildo.

The Unicorn Horn’s insertable length is 7.5 inches. The circumference is 5.5 inches at the widest point and narrows down to 2 inches at the tip. We used these measurements as we tried to make this dildo look as realistic as possible to an actual unicorn horn. However, were very mindful that we did not want the tip to be too pointy.

Built into the base is a super strong suction cup. As you can see in our product review video it will stick to almost anything for an extended period of time! The suction cup can even stick to any part of your body…making this toy essential as part of your role playing adventure.

We decided to go with a firm silicone, however made sure that the tip remained squishy and a little flexible.

There are three beautiful pearlescent colours to choose from – white, pink and purple. We choose pearlescent pigments to give the Unicorn Horns a more mystical feel as they shimmer in the light.

Like all our products the Unicorn Horn comes with its own unique, handmade drawstring bag. We find the drawstring bag not only looks pretty, but is also very practical in ensuring the toy remains clean and inconspicuous.

We hope you love the Unicorn Horn dildo. Check out our short product review video to get a sense of the dildo’s size, feel and colour.

Or head to the product page to get your very own Unicorn Horn dildo today!

And remember…stay naughty!